Welcome Letter

We’re Excited for What the Future Brings

Dear friends,

Welcome to your Cleveland Yearbook. This past year has been a good one thanks to the people across Greater Cleveland making a difference for our community.


Our winning photo in #ClevelandYearbook spring photo contest!

While we come from many backgrounds and perspectives, we are all part of a shared story. Every one of us has brought new life to our community. Every one of us has helped this region rise.

This Yearbook just scratches the surface of the inspiring activities going on across Greater Cleveland. You can see it in the progress we’ve made, big and small, far and wide. Entrepreneurs set up shop, new schools served historic neighborhoods, kids mastered orchestral music, and families facing hard times reunited under one roof. You can see it in the thousands of photos collected from across our community, capturing everyday life. We paddled the Cuyahoga, cheered on the Cavs, explored museums, discovered neighborhood relics and gems, strolled the shores of Lake Erie, and celebrated events throughout the year. You’ll see the contrast of rust and rebirth that tells the story of Cleveland.

We know the past year has also brought hardships. Many in our community are still suffering. We have a lot of work to do to make sure every resident has the chance to lead a healthy and productive life. The Cleveland Foundation will keep working to move our community forward.

Every year we focus on key priorities: improving Cleveland’s public schools, helping people meet basic needs, reviving our region’s economy, strengthening arts and culture, and revitalizing neighborhoods. We tackle these issues in particular because we believe they offer tremendous potential to enhance the lives of Greater Clevelanders now and long into the future. What do they all have in common? An investment in people. This year, and moving forward, we will continue to unlock the potential every person has in our city.

The Cleveland Foundation is, after all, a place for believers. After 101 years, we continue to believe in the resilience and spirit of our neighbors. Our donors also believe in building a better community—they have pride in the present and hope for the future. Each step forward is taking us to a brighter tomorrow. We’re excited for what the future brings.


Ronald B. Richard
President & Chief Executive Officer


James A. Ratner
Chairman, Board of Directors